Immigrance, the new Snarky Puppy studio album, is all about movement. “The idea here is that everything is fluid, that everything is always moving and that we’re all in a constant state of immigration,” explains Michael League.

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Justin Stanton Announces Debut Solo Album, "Secret Place"

Justin Stanton announced today that he will be releasing his solo debut album, “Secret Place” on May 3rd through GroundUP Music!

The album features Robert Sput Searight, Maz, Mark Lettieri, Melany Watson, and Domenica Fossati. Mixed by Nic Hard.

Tune in to Highbreedmusic - The Artists That Artists Love on 4/4 where he’ll be talking with Snarky Puppy cohort Maz about his record, as well as premiering the video to “What Do You Want,” the first single of the album.

"Immigrance" Is Here!

It's heeeeeeere! "Immigrance" is now out worldwide (Japan, we got you on April 3) digitally and on CD with vinyls shipping out next Friday. A lot of people put a lot of love into making this album, and I hope you feel it. Big shout out to Zeycan Alkis and Amalia Drewes for their work on the art and layout, Nic Hard and Dave McNair on making it sound pretty, Stella K for running the cameras, Rosanna Freedman for handling all the ugly details, the whole Sonic Ranch posse for their hard work and beautiful space, Mike Chadwick and Sue Handley for managing it all, and last but certainly not least, the dudes who wrote and played their little tukkies off for ten days on the Texican border. 

Buy/Listen Here!

Liner Notes

Tour Dates

"Bad Kids To The Back" Premieres On Rolling Stone

In an obvious departure from the live-in-the-studio video format we've used for so many years, we asked the great French animator Michaël Alcaras to cook up something weird for us. Using studio footage from the Immigrance sessions on the Texas/Mexico border at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio (shot by Stella K), I'd say he succeeded. Special shout out to rollerblades, eyeball lasers, drum trades, Kubrick, and cows in space. Enjoy our second single “Bad Kids To The Back” written by Justin Stanton.

-Michael League

Check out the premiere here!

Pre-order "Immigrance" here!

New Single “Xavi” Available Now

The first single from our new album, “Immigrance,” is now available worldwide. After three years without making a record, it feels so good to put something new out into the world. This track, “Xavi,” is inspired by a beautiful experience we had in Morocco at last year's Gnawa Music Festival in Essaouira, sharing a week of rehearsal and performance with the country's most respected guimbre master, Hamid El Kasri حميد القصري, and his incredible group of musicians. We hope you enjoy it (and feel beat one in the right place).     -Michael League

The full album “Immigrance” drops March 15.

Listen to “Xavi” and pre-order here: http://radi.al/Immigrance

Artwork by Zeycan Alkiş, Graphic Design by Amalia Drewes

Chris Bullock To Release Solo Record “Boomtown”

Our very own Chris Bullock will be releasing his first solo record, “Boomtown,” this Friday, January 18th featuring Snarky Puppy members Justin Stanton and Bob Lanzetti.

He’ll be hitting the road starting January 22nd to support the release. Go out show and him some love!

Watch to “JayGuitDee” now: https://youtu.be/q3bD2MZj1Ao
Get Boomtown here: https://song.link/Boomtown
For more info visit chrismbullock.com
Tour Dates: https://bit.ly/2Cp2l0H


Xavi (Official Audio)

"Xavi" is the fifth track on the all-new album Immigrance, available worldwide this March.

Culcha Vulcha (Official Trailer)

Trailer for the pups' ninth album, recorded in the studio at The Sonic Ranch in Texas.

Family Dinner - Volume Two (Official Trailer)

Theatrical screenings begin in January 2016. Worldwide release date is February 12, 2016, via GroundUP Music.

The pups are going back on tour. Starting in the US in May and June. With a new record dropping this March, you won't wanna miss them when they come to your city.

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    Grown Folks

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    Beep Box

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    The Simple Life

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    The Big Ugly

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    I Asked (featuring Becca Stevens & Väsen)

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    Molino Molero (featuring Susana Baca & Charlie Hunter)

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    Liquid Love (featuring Chris Turner)

  • 4

    Soro (Afriki) (featuring Salif Keita, Carlos Malta, & Bernardo Aguiar)

  • 5

    Sing to the Moon (featuring Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis)

  • 6

    Don't You Know (featuring Jacob Collier & Big Ed Lee)

  • 7

    I Remember (featuring Knower & Jeff Coffin)

  • 8

    Somebody Home (featuring David Crosby)

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    The Curtain

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    The Clearing

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